Cast Introductions

Shirley Sham

沈 殷怡

Known to be a huge fan of Japanese cuisine, Shirley Sham has attracted enormous attention for her talents as a TV host and actress. Not only a Master of Law graduate, she is also the titleholder of a beauty pageant.



Originally from Taiwan, Hanna now lives in Japan where she works as an influencer. She attended graduate school in the Kansai area of Japan, and she speaks Japanese in a charming Kansai-ben style. She shares information about Japanese culture and daily life with people in Taiwan.

Michelle Chong

庄米雪Left Profile Artiste

Michelle Chong is a famous director and actress in Singapore. Because of her bubbly personality and well-known love for Japanese food and culture, she is often invited to Japan to host food and travel programmes. She can’t wait to go back soon!

Alex / Mai / Eric

อเล็กซ์ / มาย / เอริค

A family of three living in Japan. They share the latest Japanese trends and highlights of Japan with people in Thailand, where Mai is originally from. Their YouTube channel where viewers can catch a glimpse of 3-year-old Eric growing up and learning Japanese is very popular.


Influencer from Malaysia who shares Japanese “kawaii” with people throughout Asia. Cheesie is also famous as the “original Harajuku Girl of Asia.” She aims to explore deeper culture, hidden gems in Japan and share it with the world. She has conquered all 47 prefectures of Japan.


Born in the Philippines and living in Japan for many years, Paolo is a Youtube content creator who shares his passion for and knowledge of Japan to his global audience. Although not a Japanese, his local insights about Japan and its culture amaze even local Japanese. His videos about Japan range from travel guides, to popular food attractions, cultural topics, and even documentaries featuring ordinary Japanese people and their daily lives.

Erika Ebisawa Kuswan

Erika Ebisawa Kuswan is a celebrity with an Indonesian father and a Japanese mother. Born in Indonesia, she returned to indonesia after graduating from Indonesian school in Japan. She then became a member of Indonesian idol group JKT48. Currently, she is attending a university in Japan, and introducing Japan to people in Indonesia through various social media platforms.

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