Destination Details

Destination Details


Simply Mesmerizing and only a one-hour flight from Tokyo, there’s nothing like exploring the charm of this Old Castle town. Kenrokuen Garden is must-see, especially when it's recognized as one of the three great gardens of Japan! Rows of historical houses, local specialty items reminiscing the days when Kanazawa flourished as a gold production region. Finally, don’t miss out on its freshest seafood market.
Do what the local do, enjoy the slower pace of life away from the big-city buzz.

  • Kanazawa City

    Kazue-machi Chaya District

    When Kanazawa was flourishing as a samurai town, Kazue-machi used to be the place to enjoy food, tea, drinking and Geisha performance. Even now the streets still give off the atmosphere of old times, making this vicinity the perfect place for people who wants true experience of Japanese tradition and culture. In the evenings, you can hear the sound of shamisen and drums, irresistibly enticing Japan lovers.

    We also recommend riding in a rickshaw in Kazue-machi’s traditional streets. Various plans are available to suit your budgets and interests, so please don’t hesitate to speak to a rickshaw driver.

    To complete your travel experience in Japan, why not try out a Kimono from a Kimono rental shop which offers a variety of the traditional, elegant clothing for you.

  • Hakuichi (Gold Leaf Shop)

    Amongst the many souvenir shops lining the streets of the Higashi Chaya District area, one really stands out. Hakuichi sells traditional crafts made with renowned gold leaf from Kanazawa City, Japan’s top gold leaf product producer. These traditionally produced items featuring gold leaf are sure to become your prized possessions! The “Gold Leaf Ice Cream,” with the bold addition of gold leaf is not only beautiful to see, but also fun to eat. You’ll definitely want to have a taste of it when you come to Kanazawa!

  • Higashi Chaya District

    Additionally, Higashi Chaya District where Hakuichi is located has a lot of souvenir shops. You can also admire the exterior of the traditional housings. Hop onto Jinrikisha (rickshaw) in this area for a ride, and feel like a Japanese samurai in those days!

  • Omi-cho Market

    Remarkable Kanazawa offers not only traditional Japanese culture, but also countless opportunities to appreciate nature’s wonders. Thanks to fertile fishing grounds in nearby waters, the Omi-cho Market in the city center sells a rich variety of fresh seafood. Enjoy feasting your eyes at the tightly packed rows of seafood while experiencing the lively market atmosphere. It’s amazing how fun and exciting Japanese markets can be!

  • Hirai (Seafood Restaurant)

    If you come to the Omi-cho Market, you can’t leave without trying a kaisendon! The flavour and taste from a decadent Hirai kaisendon featuring rice topped with fresh, locally-caught seafood is difficult to put into words. Make sure to try one and you’ll see what we mean!

  • Nagisa Drive Highway

    In addition to the unforgettable fresh kaisendon, you can enjoy a drive along a beautiful beach located close to Kanazawa. It is the only beach in Japan you can drive on. Don’t miss out this chance to enjoy the sunsets - on a beach from the comfort of your driven vehicle!

  • Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga

    We recommend Hoshino Resorts KAI Kaga — stunningly designed to highlight traditional spaces and culture — to anyone wanting to experience Japan more than 100%. A 30-minute drive from Komatsu Airport, this resort offers a hot spring for refreshing, but also features exquisite hallways and a beautiful garden. The immaculate detailing is sure to capture your heart.
    Plus, the nightly lion dance performance is also a must-see. You’ll always remember the elegance and excitement you experience here, making a trip at the resort an unforgettable one.

Other Notable Locations

A city where Japanese culture, tradition and nature come together, Kanazawa has countless must-see spots packed in a compact area — meaning another advantage is how easily accessible all the attractions are from one and another.
Kenrokuen Garden, recognized as one of Japan’s most beautiful gardens, and Nomura Samurai House, a former samurai residence left largely untouched, are also located fairly close to the places we’ve introduced here, so please remember to include them in your travel bucket list.

  • Ishikawa Prefecture Tourism League

    Kenrokuen Garden
  • Samurai Nomura Residence

Kanazawa has also long been known as a town of arts and traditional handicrafts, and many impressive structures reflecting such essences can be seen throughout the city. Among these, the remarkable Tsudumimon Gate standing in front of Kanazawa Station is a popular photo spot. If you’re planning to take instagenic photographs, pin this to your list.

  • Tsudumimon Gate

The D.T. Suzuki Museum, established as a "place for contemplation", is just about a 10-minute drive from the center of Kanazawa. Try looking inward while letting this calm and peaceful setting embraces you, inspired by Buddhist philosopher D.T. Suzuki's thoughts. This "never-before-seen Japan" offers another way to enjoy Kanazawa.

  • D.T. Suzuki Museum
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