Destination Details

Destination Details

Fuji Five Lakes

Mt. Fuji, often known as the world’s most beautiful mountain, is only two, three hours from Tokyo.
With five stunning lakes in the area, you can admire scenic views of Mt. Fuji’s four seasons, experience leisure facilities and feel fully refreshed.


    Offering a new style of accommodation perfectly well blended with the phenomenal natural surroundings of the Fuji Five Lakes Area, HOSHINOYA Fuji opened as the first glamping resort in Japan. Combining a luxury hotel experience with traditional camping, “glamping” has been gaining attention across Japan in recent years! Glamping was designed to provide guests the best of 2 worlds - enjoy the best aspects of camping in nature with the distinctive hospitality of a luxury hotel.

    One glamping option, as the pioneer of the Japanese glamping resorts, is HOSHINOYA Fuji which provides a glamping experience a level above the rest. Enjoy an exquisite breakfast or canoeing overlooking Mt. Fuji. You can also experience firsthand at cutting firewood in the forest within hotel grounds, or feast on a dinner of wild game meat, etc.

    With the world-class hospitality of glamping professionals known as “glamping masters,” you’re sure to enjoy a never-before trip offering rejuvenation through invigorating activities!

  • Fuji-Q Highland

    Packed with world-class attractions, one of Japan’s largest theme parks provides a diverse array of entertainment options to enjoy with the backdrop of Mt. Fuji. For all you thrill-seekers out there, come take on Fuji-Q! From the 121-degree angle drop of “Takabisha” to ​the famous “Fujiyama”, these incredible roller coasters are sure to make you scream.

    Plus, there are lots of attractions for kids, too. If you’re looking for something a bit less intense, one of the great points about Fuji-Q is that anyone and everyone can enjoy it.

  • Arakurayama Sengen Park

    One of the most famous areas near Mt. Fuji for taking seasonal photographs for Instagram, cherry blossom season at Arakurayama Sengen Park is especially popular. In a single glance, you can see both the brightly colored five-storied pagoda towering over the cherry blossom tree-lined streets and the magnificent Mt. Fuji. With such quintessentially Japanese scenery, this park is frequently visited by both foreign and Japanese visitors who keep coming back for more.

  • Yurari~Onsen with Great View of Mt. Fuji~

    In Japan, a country that loves baths, bathing with a view of Mt. Fuji in the 16 different types of natural hot springs offered here is the height of luxury. Numerous hygienic and clean amenities are available. Everything you might need is already here, so don’t hesitate to drop by!

  • Oshino Village Tourism Association

    Oshino Hakkai

    This beautifully scenic spot features Mt. Fuji and eight ponds created by the distinctive landforms around this famous mountain. A magical space surrounded by nature and the magnificent Mt. Fuji. What kind of Instagrammable photos will you take in this surreal atmosphere?!

  • Shichiken Sake Brewery

    Making Japanese sake for over 250 years, Sake Shichiken is one of Japan’s most famous sake breweries. They have proactively developed innovative varieties such as “Sparkling Sake” which even people new to Japanese sake will enjoy. In addition to offering visitors the tasting freshly brewed sake, Sake Shichiken also delights guests with various attractions beyond what might be expected of a sake brewery, such as tours of historical buildings on the premises.

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